BIC 957612 Silver Writing Office School University Set- 1 Notebook/3 Ball Pens/1 Gel Pen/1 HB Graphite Pencil/1 Felt Pen/1 Mechanical Pencil

  • Price : 20.00

With the BIC Silver Set, your writing will simply sparkle. It contains everything you need to write with a touch of silver for style and elegance: ballpoint pens, a gel pen, a liquid ink roller pen, a mechanical pencil and a permanent marker - all perfect for writing in the silver notebook that comes with the set. The BIC 4 Colours Shine pen has a cool contemporary style with its metallic silver coating. With four medium points, it's perfect for writing, drawing, organising notes or tasks, all in the four essentials of blue, black, red or green. You also get a BIC Intensity Fine writing felt tip pen with a metal-shielded nib and smudge-free ink; it's ideal for elegant notes and super-fine details. One retractable BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry gel pen with a medium 0.7 mm point and super quick-dry ink that won’t drip or leak – perfect for left-handed writers. One sleek BIC Evolution Black HB graphite pencil with black resin accented by a silvery hexagonal barrel that's great for the office, the artist’s studio and university classrooms. As for the BIC Marking permanent marker, it means you can customise your favourite things with silver ink that writes on most surfaces. For a final elegant flourish, write or sketch with the BIC Criterium mechanical pencil. The extra-durable 2.0 mm HB lead gives precise results and the pencil is topped with a handy protected eraser. Whatever your choice, all the elements of the BIC Silver Line Set are perfectly matched with the silver notebook that comes with it.

  • With the BIC Silver Set, your writing will sparkle! It contains 7 elegant writing instruments and a sophisticated silver notebook
  • The set contains 3 silver Shine ball pens: 1 BIC 4 Colours pen, 1 BIC Cristal ballpoint pen and 1 black BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry gel pen
  • With the black BIC Intensity Fine felt pen and BIC Evolution Black pencil, your writing quality and pleasure will be second-to-none
  • Also contains 1 BIC Criterium mechanical pencil with durable 2.0 mm HB lead, it's comfortable and offers precise, accurate results
  • For a final flourish, the BIC Marking permanent marker in metallic silver allows you to mark your shining signature on any surface
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