Kodak Verite 5 Inks (ALT1UA) XL Color Ink Jet Cartridge Compatible to V50, V55, V55W Eco, V55 Plus, V60 Eco, V640 Eco, V64 Series, V65 Eco, V65 Plus (Package May Vary)

  • Price : $38.00

This is a very different inkjet cartridge. It's different because it can save you a lot on the cost of ink. It also provides 2 times the page yield of a standard cartridge. That's enough ink to print up to 360 pages. It is specially designed to hold more ink than a standard cartridge. So stop wasting time running to a store every time your printer runs out of ink. And stop wasting money on expensive inks. Kodak verity 5 - XL cartridges save you money and time!

  • XL Color Replacement ink jet cartridge for Kodak Verite ink jet printers. 2x times the normal amount of ink in comparison to a standard cartridge. Up to (Approx.) 400 pages.
  • Save on the cost of ink with Kodak Verite 5 XL or 3XL cartridges.
  • Easy installation cartridge - no mess from ink bottles and tanks that you have to refill
  • Snap-in-place cartridges are easy to load and remove
  • Compatible with Kodak Verité Printer Models: Verité 50, Verité 55, Verité 55W Eco, Verité 55 Plus, Verité 60 Eco, Verité 640 Eco, Verité 64 Series, Verité 65 Eco, Verité 65 Plus
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