Underground Whispers Gothic Desk Organizer – Coffin Make Up Organizer, Makeup Brush Holder – Storage of Accessories for Home, Bedroom, Office – Desktop Decor for Goth Room – (pink)

  • Price : $44.19
  • Price : $47.73
Colour Name:pink

Gothic style, art, painting, sculpture and architecture, flourished in Europe during the Middle Ages, with interior designs that incorporated pointed arches, spires, and roses accentuated with heavy, oak furniture, tapestries, and wrought iron giving the space a medieval feel. Add in gargoyles, stone statues, and dark colors to capture an opulent Gothic style. Our black, coffin shaped desk or table top organizer box will help you create the atmosphere you want whether it be dark, mysterious, and barbarous or one of opulence characterized by awe-inspiring cathedrals. With Underground Whispers, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars redecorating or travel back in time to capture the authenticity of this bygone era. You can add Gothic flair to any room in your home with our attractive, black, solid wood organizer shelf. But don’t just buy it for the sake of decor, buy it for its functionality and practicality. As a desk or table top organizer, it can be filled with multiple items that need to be displayed and accessed freely like pens, pencils, or paperclips. As an accessories organizer, it can hold make-up brushes, eye-shadows, and jewelry. Use it in the bathroom, bedroom, family room, or home office. No matter how or where you display it, our organizer is the detail you need to enhance any room.

  • Enhance your Gothic Decor: Enhance your Gothic Decor: Gothic inspired embellishments, like our Coffin Organizer exude opulence, elegance and high-end drama straight from Medieval decorative motifs. Don't forget plenty of blacks, vibrant shades, and earthy tones along with wrought iron candle holders and a few stone gargoyle statues for the ultimate Goth experience.
  • Multipurpose Organizer: Place on a table top, desk or dresser as an organizer of various items. Perfect for accessories, makeup brushes, glasses, houseplants, pens & pencils, or other objects.
  • Functional Organization: Display and organize important items via our eye-catching solid wood organizer with beautiful red interior. Openings are deep enough to keep items in place and standing upright, so they can be easily retrieved. Keeps desk or dresser neat and organized.
  • Strikingly Unique: A well-placed accessory to intensify the artistic flair of any space in your home. Capture a Gothic panache reminiscent of pointed arches, ribbed vaults and crown moldings for a modest price.
  • Memorable Gift: Halloween, birthdays, or housewarming - our attractive desktop organizer can provide an ideal gift for individuals of all ages and with varied interests.
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